An animal of spirited disposition he is self-willed, brave and very resistant to fatigue. Exceptionally intelligent and a loyal companion, he does his job with facility and obvious pleasure.

There is the text for the breed standard, from the Canadian Kennel Club. For a complete version of that text, please go to the web site of the CKC,

A lot of futur puppy owner need to know certain things about owning a PWD BEFORE purchasing one. That's why you should read this very good information text to set up your mind and think about the commitment owning a dog means, and a PWD in particular. This good advice comes from the PWDCC, if you would like to know more, please refer to

PWDCC Puppy:

What to expect

If you and your family are looking for a family companion and are sure you do not want to get involved with showing and/or breeding your dog, make sure the breeder clearly understands your wishes. Do not be pressured into agreeing to show or breed your puppy. If a breeder tells you they only have show quality puppies and require showing and breeding in their contract and you do not want that type of commitment, go to another breeder. Read the sales contract thoroughly before committing to purchase a puppy.

Just as you are looking for the right dog, the breeders are looking for the right owners for their puppies and dogs. Breeders should be open and responsive to your questions and you should be open and honest to the breeder’s questions. This will help ensure that the relationship you have with the dog you obtain is a long and happy one.

Be prepared to answer:
  • why do you want this dog? This breed?
  • do you have proper facilities to care for this dog?
  • do you realize owning a dog is an expense?
  • do you realize that owning a dog is a major commitment in time, effort and lifestyle adjustment?
  • have you ever owned a dog before?
  • what happened to them?
  • will you keep in touch and report on the progress and/or problems of this dog?
  • what type of training classes will you be participating in?
  • do you plan to show this dog, in Conformation, Obedience, Water, Tracking, Therapy, Agility, Flyball;
  • do you have any interest in breeding
  • will you undertake the obligation to call me first if it become necessary for you to relinquish this dog?
  • are you willing to become a member of the PWDCC

Any Canadian-bred Portuguese Water Dog you purchase must be eligible for registration in the Canadian Kennel Club or it cannot be sold to you as a purebred dog. It is the responsibility of the breeder to complete the necessary paperwork for registration and the registration certificate must eventually be given to you. If you purchase an American-bred dog it must first be registered with the American Kennel Club before registration with the Canadian Kennel Club can take place.

If you want a dog that:
  • requires regular and extensive grooming;
  • demands attention and exercise;
  • challenges your will and your sense of humour;
  • thrives on training and human contact;
  • thinks independently;
  • voices its opinion;
  • greets friends and family with unbridled enthusiasm

Then the Portuguese Water Dog may be right for you!

but, if you want a dog that:
  • requires minimal grooming;
  • needs little or no attention or exercise;
  • naps endlessly in front of the fireplace;
  • requires little mental stimulation;
  • presents little or no challenge;
  • is content to be left alone;

then the Portuguese Water Dog is not right for you!

Conception: Marjorie Beausoleil

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